Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live Blogging at IGNITE '08

I am at the IGNITE '08 postgraduate conference being held for Creative Industries students at QUT.

Debra Adams has completed her presentation on citizen journalism. Key points in the Q&A were:
  • are citizen journalists more biased than professional journalists in their presentation of information? - maybe, depends on what you mean by bias
  • are Australian newsrooms more closed to participation than those in Britain (my question) - yes, but it is also the case that the BBC is quite a different type of news media entity to News Corp
  • how to you gauge a concept such as 'political disengagement', and how would you determine whether new forms of news media make a difference?
Bonnie Liu is presenting on independent TV companies in China. She is discussing imitation and cloning, and the question of whether genuine program innovation will occur in Chinese television. Media clusters are being proposed as an option, particularly in Beijing, with the relationship between CCTV, Beijing TV and the Communication University of China.

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