Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Myer post-Xmas sales

Here I am at the Brisbane post-Xmas sales. Photo c/o The Courier-Mail, I am on the upper escalator, behind the woman with the red bag who is on the phone.

Boxing Day sales were up about 6 per cent on last ear, suggesting that if there is a recession, most Australians are not paying much attention to it yet.

Apparently the biggest queues were for an 81 cm plasma TV at Big W in Chermside going for $697, suggesting that the Green anti-consumerist message may also be taking a while to filter through.

FWIW, I didn't end up buying anything at Myer. I instead came home with two Nautica shirts, a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and Tommy Hilfiger chinos. A pair of Ben Sherman black striped pants were not purchased due to crappy fly button. All up about $300.

Did I get bargains? Probably not. Did I need these? Maybe. Was it fun being in the rush. Definitely - unless you needed to use the fitting rooms.

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