Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drugs and Rage

With my days of staying up till all hours watching Rage on ABC TV now well behind me - and what a good 25 year relationship it has been - I can fondly note one of my all time favourite Rage video clips. It is Iggy Pop's "Some Weird Sin", which was on the Lust For Life album (1976). While "The Passenger" and the title track are far better known, I have always felt that "Some Weird Sin" captures the Popster ethos perfectly. This song also profiles the fantastic Bowie/Iggy collaboration of this period.

But as with any Rage classic, it is not just the song, but the out-there music video that accompanies it. This video has always felt like four minutes on drugs without the accompanying hassles of acquiring and taking. What also fascinates me is that the video was almost certainly not made by Iggy Pop at the time the song came out. Videos of the mid 1970s always featured the artist performing, and this was especially true of Iggy Pop videos ("Lust For Life" being emblematic). Also, this feels like an Australian production - I think the driving is on the left hand side of the road. If anyone knows anything about the origins of this remarkable video please let me know. I'm sure it has its origins in a video art program in a probably now amalgamated college somewhere.

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