Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Media Research methodologies

Introduction To Critical Enquiry Research

In this presentation given last night (Monday), some of the points that were emphasised in the group discussion were:

  • The merits of triangulation i.e. verifying your analysis by having a diversity of sources of information e.g. primary source documents as well as interviews;
  • Having three comparative case studies if using a case study methodology;
  • Matching the scope of your research activity to the resources available to you as a PhD student;
  • The fact that most PhD student do more than is required to get their PhD, and how to think about research design in order to minimise the likelihood of this;
  • Thinking about both the significance of your project (the 'So what?' question), and the extent to which you have provided an innovative contribution to your research field.

Guest lecture to postgraduate students in Creative Industries Faculty, QUT, 22 September, 2008

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