Thursday, September 25, 2008

A swing to Obama is well and truly on

Daily Kos reporting a poll from FOX News (hardly a bastion of Obamanauts):

Bad news for McCain from our friends at Fox

Wed Sep 24, 2008 at 08:38:58 PM PDT

Opinion Dynamics for Fox News. 9/22-23. Registered voters. 3% (9/8-9 results)

McCain (R) 39 (45)
Obama (D) 45 (42)

Thirty nine? Really? Thirty-freaking-nine?

And this poll was conducted before McCain cut and run on the debates.

Update: Let's dig a bit into the internals (PDF).


McCain (R) 31 (46)
Obama (D) 36 (31)

That one's gotta hurt. That's a 20-point swing.

And speaking of swings, compared to the previous poll after the GOP convention, Sarah Palin's net favorability is down 16 points, McCain's down 11. Obama is +3 (eight points higher than McCain) while Biden is down five.

What else? Asked which candidate they'd be most likely to go hear speak, 42 percent said Obama, 24 percent McCain, 14 percent Palin and 3 percent Biden.

And this is before McCain sought to suspend the first Presidential debate, which is apparently playing very badly.

Note also that Sarah Palin is turning into a liability, particularly with the swing voters.

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