Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Journalism in the 21st Century - keynote podcasts available

The Keynote sessions at the Journalism in the 21st Century: Between Globalisation and National Identity conference is now available as podcasts from the SBS Radio site. I participated in the session titled "Journalism in the New Digital Age: New Directions for national and international media outlets", with Valerio Veo (Executive Producer Online Current Affairs SBS, Sydney), Christoph Lanz (Director Television, Deutsche Welle, Berlin), and Bruce Dover (Chief Executive ABC International TV, Sydney).

The theme of the session was:

The currently proclaimed ‘crisis’ of journalism is caused by new increasingly complex technology developments. Traditional media are deeply challenged by a number of different developments which question not only their business models but also ways of journalistic practice. New transnational interactive journalistic formats but also forms of a ‘global presence’ of local, national or international outlets have an impact on business models as well as journalism practice. Questions asked are: is there a role for national journalism in such a globalized sphere? What are quality standards of new forms of ‘interactive’ journalism? What are the new models of covering worldwide events? What is the role of journalism as a 4th estate in an international context?

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